Radius Servers are installed everywhere as a solid, standard and efficient tool to manage the authentication, authorization and accounting of users in networks.

Since the explosion of Internet and the connection of networks into a big net the proliferation of network services like hotspots has been unstoppable, but user management solutions have not evolved in parallel. Most user authentication, administration and accounting (AAA) solutions out there are based on trusted but old tools that make management and maintenance a territory of experts.

visualRadius tries to change this by offering a solution that is rich in functionalities while keeping a focus on easy management and going a step further by integrating Hotspot into what we can call a total solution. visualRadius can be installed by any inexperienced user in one simple single operation (forget about "do this and after do that") as any other modern office application, and the later management experience will also be completely intuitive.

visualRadius software is a turnkey AAA solution for any network, and also a turnkey complete Hotspot system is you are using Mikrotik (tm) and Uniquiti* (tm) hardware.

As for prices, visualRadius is positioned where most customers want their products to be. visualRadius requires far less investment than competing products, with a cost of up to 90% less, but without the disadvantages of free and unsupported products.

* Ubiquiti users will need the visualRadius Ubiquiti extensions which will be available for free in May 2012. After June 2012 Ubiquiti extensions will no longer be included for free.